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Get Started with Wix Editor

When you create a new site, you can choose if you want to build it using Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) or Wix Editor.

ADI: Let Wix ADI Create a Website for You

Answer a few questions to get started! Wix ADI uses this information to automatically create a unique website for you by combining the best content and design elements. Once your site is ready, you can add your own images, customize the text, and more.  

Editor: Get Started with One of Our Stunning Templates

Choose from one of our stunning templates and customize it the way you want. You can drag and drop elements such as text boxes, shapes, images and more.

In general, Wix Editor supports the following features which are not available under Wix ADI:

  • HTML code element

  • Embed a site element

  • PayPal buttons

  • Music players

  • Documents

  • Webmaster and Member login buttons

  • Wix Hotels

  • Wix Restaurants

  • Wix Photo Albums

  • Apps from the App Market (Wix ADI only supports 4 apps: Wix Chat, Wix Blog, Wix Booking and Wix Stores)

(Note: Not all the above functions are available under the "Unlimited" plan subscribed by ITS.) 

If you are looking for a more feature-rich website and a basic "canned" website may not fit your needs, Wix Editor is a good choice for you.  It can deliver a more than "customized" website if you can spend more time in setting it up.

To use the Wix Editor, please familiarize yourself with the Wix Editor interface.  Through this interface, you can design the header/body/footer, add new pages, manage the page menu, configure the website domain name, set SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website statistic tool to boost the visiting frequency of a website.  Convenient tools such as site history and duplicate site are available handily.  The website can be further enriched by using Wix Code and Wix App Market.

  1.Go to Dashboard.

  2.Click Create New Site.

  3.Click Use Wix Editor


Wix Editor Interface

T1 Wix Editor Interface

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T2 header

Header Design

T2 Change Header Design

  1.Click Change Header Design


  2. Choose a preset design or Click Customize Design


  3. Choose a design and edit the style under the selected design.


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Menu Design

T2 Menu Design

  1. Menu will be displayed at the header by default.  You can click Add button (the third icon) on the left menu and Menu to add a menu


  2. You can edit the Menu layout and design.


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Upload Image as Logo

T2 Upload Logo

  1. ​Click Add button (the third icon) on the left menu.  Then click Image and My Image Uploads.


  2. Click Upload Images and select an image from your PC.

  3. Click Add to Page.

  4. Drag the uploaded image to the preferred Header area and stop until you see the Attach to Header button.


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T3 body


T3 Add Strip

Strips are blocks holding elements such as images or texts.  Contents in the blocks can be moved easily.

Add Strips to page:

  1. Click Add button (the third icon) on the left menu.

  2. Click Strip.

  3. Select and click the preferred Strip design. 


​Move Strips:

  1. Click Zoom out icon.


  2. click Move up / Move down arrows to reorder the contents.


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Edit Background

T3 Edit Background

Edit Pages Background:

  1. Click Background (the second icon) on the left menu.

  2. Choose Color, Image or Video. You can also upload your own image or video.

  3. Click Settings if you wish to change the style of the image or video.

Edit Strips Background:

If you have added a Strip, you can edit its background by the following steps: 

  1. Click the Strip added.

  2. Click Change Strip Background.


  3. Choose Color, Image or Video. You can also upload your own image or video.

  4. Click Settings if you wish to change the style of the image or video.


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Slideshow / Banner

T3 Add Slideshow/Banner

You can add slideshow to promote your site or event.

  1. Click Add button (the third icon) on the left menu.

  2. Click Interactive.

  3. Click a slideshow to add.

You can add Title here

and have description here

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Text, Button, Image and Box

T3 Add text, button, image and box

You can add Text, Button, Image (max.15MB), document (max.15MB) and video (max. 250MB) using the options under Add button (the third icon) on the left menu.  You can consider using Box to include these elements which can facilitate editing such as moving and alignment.  


How to Add, Edit, Customize & Link Text

How to Add, Link & Customize Button

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Lists and Grids

T3 Lists & Grids / Repeater

List and Grids include Repeater and Table.


Repeaters help you reduce the works in aligning and editing items that share the same design in background, images, text, shapes and buttons. You however cannot put repeaters inside repeaters.

Repeaters can display Dynamic Data. Click here to see how it works.


Data in a table has to be stored using a Wix Database.  Table cannot be created by simply inputting the data in a table such as that in MS Word.

By connecting to a Wix database, you can display dynamic data and define the action upon clicking a row or a cell.  Click here to see how it works.

Wix Code: Add a Collection Field from a Page Element
Automatically Get Chat on New Websites Created with Wix ADI

Wix Chat is now automatically added to every new website created with Wix ADI.

Here's how to delete Wix Chat

Add WhatsApp to Your Mobile Website's Quick Action Bar

Make it easy for visitors to contact you via Whatsapp from their mobile devices. 

See how to add and set up a Quick Action Bar

Wix Code: New Field Types Available for Database Collections

Add a video, object or multiple item reference field type to your database collections. Find out more here

The New Wix Blog Is Available for Wix ADI

You can now add the new Wix Blog to the website you created with Wix ADI. Find out more

Get a Better Experience Adding Subdomains to Your Wix Account

It's now easier to add subdomains to your Wix account. We'll provide relevant instructions along the way. Find out how

Customize Your Website's Quick Action Bar

Now there are new icons to choose from! Look good while making it easy for visitors to contact you from their mobile devices. 

checkout details:

Wix Editor: Better Experience Adding User Input Elements

To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've added sub-navigation to the User Input elements in the Add panel.

Here's where to find it: 
1. Go to the Wix Editor 
2. Click Code and Turn on Developer Tools
3. Click Add and User Input

Wix ADI: Image Opacity

Creating your website with Wix ADI? Now you can control the opacity of your background, strip and column images. 

Here's how: 
Hover over the image and select Customize. Under Media Layout, you'll see the Image Opacity toggle.

The New Wix Mobile App Is Now Available

Get a better experience managing your website and business on the go. 
Available in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

- Manage your Wix website
Get notifications, view all your messages, instantly send responses, start a live chat and more.
- Add & upload pictures
Take photos on your phone and upload them straight to your website's image library.
- Manage your store
Track orders, add new products and get notified about sales and when you're out of stock.
- Keep track of your bookings
Add services & appointments, check in clients and get instant notifications & reminders.
- Manage your blog
Manage your blog posts and share your latest content with subscribers.
- Create events
Invite guests, send invitations and let people RSVP or buy tickets from their phones. 

The Wix Mobile App is both for you, the website owner, and your customers. Simply invite people to become members. Members can chat you, book a service, RSVP to an event, start a discussion and more.

Wix Code: Add User Input Elements Inside Repeaters

Now you can add user input elements—like Date Picker, Input, Dropdown, and Checkbox—inside a repeater.

Wix Code: Bind Dropdown Values to a Reference Field

This automatically sets the labels in the dropdown element to the items from the referenced collection.

checkout details at:

Wix Editor: The Layers Panel Is Now Available

Now you can work with overlapping elements in the Editor—without touching the design. 
check out details steps at

Settings Has Been Reorganized

Log in to Wix and click Settings. 

Here are the biggest changes: 
- Settings & Manage Website have been merged into one
- Go to General Info to customize your favicon
- Go to Overview to manage your general info, SSL certificate and roles & permissions

Wix ADI: Enhance Low-Resolution Images When creating your website with Wix ADI, you can now enhance any low-resolution images you use.

When creating your website with Wix ADI, you can now enhance any low-resolution images you use.

Resolved: FAQ App Temporarily Failed to Load on iOS 12

Resolved: On September 29, the Wix FAQ App temporarily had issues loading on iOS 12. The issue has since been resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience. 

Wix Editor: Access the Mobile Editor from the Left Side

Go to the Mobile Editor from the left side of the Wix Editor. 

Wix Editor: Activate & Deactivate the Mobile Friendly View

Here's where to find it:
1. Go to the Wix Editor
2. In the top bar, click Settings 
3. Scroll to Mobile Friendly

Wix Code: Add a Media Gallery to a Collection

Now you can add a Media Gallery field to a collection.

Resolved: Unable to Update Link URL of an Image in the Wix Blog

Resolved: On September 26, 2018, there was a technical issue with updating the link URL of an image in the Wix Blog.

Wix Editor: Automatically Label Your Form Submissions

Now it's easier to know how your contacts got in touch. Go to your contact list and select a contact. If they've submitted a form, you'll see a label with the form's name. Easily filter contacts by label to get a mailing list with only relevant contacts.

Wix Editor: Multilingual Websites
Wix Bookings: Let Clients View Your Services without Booking

Want to showcase your services without having clients book you? Now you can. Simply create a view-only service with a link for more info.

Here's how:
1. Log in to Wix and click Booking Services
2. Choose one of your services or create a new one
3. Under Advanced Settings, choose OFF for online bookings

Wix Editor: Header Effects Are Available for Desktop

Decide what happens when visitors scroll. For example, you can set your header to freeze, fade out or disappear.

Here's how:
1. Go to the Editor and click on your header
2. Settings
3. Choose an effect and Preview

Wix Editor: Auto Pin to Screen

It's a little easier to make an item visible at all times, even as visitors scroll through your site. 

Now, when you click Pin to Screen, it will automatically pin the item wherever you've placed it. You can still customize its location and unpin as usual. 

Wix Now Supports iOS 11 & Above

Wix now only supports websites on iPads or iPhones with iOS 11 and above.

Wix Editor: Crop Your Image into a Shape

Do more with crop! Now you can crop an image into a shape, reset the shape proportions and flip the shape horizontally or vertically. Simply click Crop and then choose Shape Crop.

You can also automatically crop the image. Go to Image Settings and scroll to Auto fill. To do so, you'll need to enable Keep Proportions. 

To reset the image, go to Image Settings and click Reset image.

Resolved: October 31, 2018 - Old Blog Pages Weren't Showing on Wix ADI Sites

Resolved: On October 31st, 2018, there was a technical issue where old blog pages were not showing on Wix ADI websites. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note: you'll need to Publish your website to resolve this issue. 

Here's how:
1. Go to your website and click the Pages menu in the top bar
2. Click the Single Post Page and confirm that your blog content appears
3. Click Publish

Wix Editor: Upload Fonts for Wix Chat

Upload your font to the Editor and use it for your chat.

Here's how to choose your font:
1. Click on Wix Chat 
2. Go to Settings 
3. Click on Design and choose the font you want to use    

Wix ADI: Choose the Color Behind Your Images

Creating your website with Wix ADI? Now you can pick a color from your site's color palette.

1. Go to your site and click Design
2. Click Customize Design and pick Media
3. Choose the Color Behind Image   

Wix Video: Set Your Videos to Auto-Play

1. Go to Wix Video 
2. Click Settings and Player
3. Scroll to enable Autoplay on load

Keep in mind: 
- Videos will play without sound due to browser restrictions.
- Not all layouts offer auto-play (i.e. strips and sliders).

Wix Editor: The Layers Panel Is Now Available Without Turning on Developer Tools

Use the Layers Panel to work with overlapping elements in the Editor—without touching the design. 

- Easily find a specific element
- Show or hide an element
- Bring elements to the front or back
- Click Spotlight to see only the selected element
And more 

Here's how to access the Layers panel:
1. Go to the Editor
2. Under Tools, select the Toolbar
3. Click Layers at the bottom of the toolbar

Check out details at:

Wix Editor: Change Your Social Share Image Per Page

Now you can customize the social share image for every page of your website.

1. click option icon of a page from menu

2. click SEO & Social

3. upload image in Social Share Setting

Wix Editor: New Guide Functionality for Easy Alignment

It's now easier than ever to distribute items evenly on your site. When aligning items, you'll see an indication showing equal distances between them. 

Please note: The rulers are not visible on your live site, just inside the Wix Editor.

Wix ADI: Customize the Background Color of Each Container Box

Customize the background color of each container box in a section with lists. For example, your products or services sections.

Check out detail at:

Wix Editor: Add Field Titles to Your Form Fields

Now you can add field titles to your form fields. This will help people fill out your forms. 

1. Go to Wix Forms
2. Select a field and click Edit Field
3. Enable Show Field Title and enter a Field Title   

Wix Editor: Change the Layout of Your Gallery on Mobile

Customize the way your gallery looks on mobile devices.

1. Go to the Editor and switch to Mobile
2. Click on Settings and Layout 
3. Choose the layout you want

Wix Editor: Change the URL of Your Images

Now you can control the URL of your images. 

1. Go to the Editor
2. Go to My Uploads or click Change Image
3. Choose an image and rename it to "image_name.webp"
4. Click Add to Page and Publish

To check your newly customized URL, go to your website and right click "Open image in new tab". 

Wix Editor: Display Titles and Descriptions Above or Below Your Images

Now you can display titles and descriptions above or below the images in your gallery. Simply choose one of these layouts: Grid, Masonry, Slider, Strip, Slideshow and Columns.

1. Go to your gallery and click Manage Media to add a title and description to each image
2. Go to Settings and click Design, Texts and check to display your title and description
3. Go to Layout, Customize Layout and choose the position of your title and description

Wix ADI: Choose a Different Page Design And Keep Your Content

Now you can choose a different page design while keeping your content. 

1. Go to the website you're creating with Wix ADI
2. Hover over Design
3. Click Page Designs and choose the one you want

Wix Forms: Add Borders to Your Fields

Now you can choose a border style for your form fields. 

Here's how:
1. Go to Wix Forms
2. Select a field and click Design and Customize Design
3. Click Border and choose a border style

Wix Forms: Customize the Rating Icon

Add a rating field to your form and customize the icon. For example, you can change the star icon to hearts or crowns. Simply click on the rating field, Design and choose a new icon.

Wix Forms: Add a Rating Field

Add a rating field to your form so visitors can rate your products, services and more. 

Here's how:
1. Go to Wix Forms and click Manage Fields
2. Add New Field 
3. Click Selection and add a Rating Field

Wix Editor: Change the Main Language with Wix Multilingual

Using Wix Multilingual to translate your site to multiple languages? Now you can change the main language.


Wix Videos: Decide What Happens When Your Video Ends

Show your video cover, have the next video in your channel play or display an action card.


Here's how: 
1. Go to Settings
2. Click Player 
3. Scroll down to After Playing to decide what happens when the video ends 

Wix ADI: Upload Your Videos

Creating a website with Wix ADI? Now you can upload your own videos.

details at:

Resolved: Animated Site Menu Doesn’t Display Subpage Dropdown on Hover

Resolved: There was a technical issue with the site menu, where subpages didn’t display when hovering over the menu. This happened specifically if you chose the Reveal or Slide-In option in the Wix Editor. The issue has been resolved, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Wix Code: Time Component

You can connect a Time Picker to a dataset to capture user input and store it in a collection, or to display existing data.

Wix Code: Rich Text Component

Add a Rich Text Box input component to let visitors add custom formatting to their messages, like bold, italics, bulleted lists and more. 

Wix Code: Router API Messages

See messages on router and dynamic page activity when the filter is set to Verbose in the Developer Console.

Wix ADI: Manage Your Store Products from More Places

Want to manage your store products from the website you're creating with Wix ADI? Now you can easily access it from Settings on your product page, product gallery, slide gallery and product widget.

Wix Video: Unlimited Video Hours Available with Premium Plans

If you've upgraded to a Business VIP plan or the VIP + Wix Video plan, you'll now have unlimited video hours.  

Resolved: Unable to Make Changes to Page Background on Secondary Language Page

Resolved: There was a technical issue. When creating a multilingual site, users weren’t able to change the page background in the secondary language. The issue has been resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience. 

Wix Pro Gallery: Adjust the Corner Radius of Images

Now you can adjust the corner radius of your images.
Here's how: Go to your gallery > Settings > Design > Style > Adjust your corner radius 

Wix Pro Gallery: Adjust Border Width and Color

Now you can add colorful borders to your images.
Here's how: Go to your gallery > Settings > Design > Style > Adjust your border width & color

Resolved: Repeater Set to Stretch Displaying Horizontal Scroll

Resolved: Repeater Set to Stretch Displaying Horizontal Scroll

Resolved: Header Elements Are Pushed Down When Doing a Site Search

Resolved: There was a technical issue with the Site Search app in site headers. When clicking on search, all header elements were pushed down. The issue has been resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Wix Code: Add a Collection Field from a Page Element

When you're connecting an element, you can now add a new field to your database collection. This new field is automatically connected to the page element.

Wix ADI: New Section Types

Creating a website with Wix ADI? Now you can add new section types: 

- Schedule

- Price list

- CV

- Download file

Wix Bookings: Do More with Wix Code

Now you can fully customize your site's booking experience with Wix Code APIs:

- Create your timetable and display the next available appointment

- Customize your service pages and confirmation messages

- Suggest related services and products

- Offer fast checkout, manage pending requests and more

details at :

Wix Blog: Show or Hide Your Blog Menu

Now you can show or hide the blog menu featured above the All Posts feed.

You can also decide what you want to display in your menu: 
- Category labels
- Search box
- Login/sign up button 

Here's how:

Go to Wix Blog Settings > Display > Click Blog Menu > Use the Show blog menu toggle

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T4 footer

Contact Us

T4 Add Contact us

You can add a Contact Tool to enable visitors to send you their contact information and question.  Map showing a contact location can also be added using this tool.  


​To add a contact form:

  1. Click Add button (the third icon) on the left menu and select Contact.

  2. Select the tool you wish to add. 

  3. Click Manage Fields to edit fields. 
  4. Click the + Add New Field button to add more fields such as Name, Email, Phone No. and Subject.  You can also add a field with a customized name.
  5. Click Make Mandatory if the field is a compulsory.

  6. Click Setting icon (the gear button) to change the receiver email for this contact form.


To add a map:

  1. Select the map you wish to add e.g. Google Map

  2. Click Settings icon (the gear button) to set the location and other map details.


  3. Click Design icon (the pen icon) to change the map design.


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Social Tool

T4 Add Social tool

  1. Click Add button (the third icon) on the left menu and select Social.


  2. After making a selection, click Set Social Links to edit link or add new social icon.


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T5 page

Page / Anchor

T5 Add Page / Anchor

Add page:

Click Add Page to add a new page with header and footer or a blank page under the Menu bar.


Use anchor to point to a specific location in a page. (HOW??)

Please note that Folder is different from Page or Anchor.  Clicking Folder will not show any contents. 

Below gives an example.  Clicking the Page button will link to the designated web page while clicking the Folder button will give no response.


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Dynamic Page

T5 dynamic page

Dynamic page is an advanced function.  By making use of a Database, pages in the same layout can display the predefined records under the Database dymanically.  

  1. Turn on Developer Tools under Code at the top menu.


  2. A new option Dynamic Pages will appear under Menus & Pages on the left menu.

  3. Set up database collection based on your needs.


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Wix Code

wix code

Wix Code is an innovative new product that lets you build robust web applications with all of the stunning visual features of the Wix Editor. 

This is an advanced feature of Wix that requires some programming knowledge.  It will be used when setting up Database and Dynamic Page.

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Wix App Market

Wix app market

The Wix App Market is filled with over 250 popular web apps, powerful services and amazing features to enhance your website and grow your business. Most of the apps are free to use, mobile optimized and easy to add to your site in just a few clicks.

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