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Add Site Administrators

You can add other colleague to edit and manage your site.

  1. Access your Dashboard.

  2. Click Invite Contributor under Site Actions.

invite contritutor
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  3. Input the Email of your colleague.

  4. Select the role Admin and click Send Invite.

fill in email

Accept Invitation as a Contributor:

  1. Check for an email with subject "You’re Invited to Collaborate on a Website".

  2. Click Accept Now in the email.

  3. A browser window will pop up with the following contents (If you already have a Wix account, please make sure it is the one you wish to use for managing the departmental website. Otherwise, please create another Wix account for this purpose.). 

  4. Click Create Account & Accept if you wish to set up a new account.  If you wish to use an existing Wix account to manage your departmental website, click Log in to accept and follow the steps to complete the invitation acceptance. 

click create account & accept
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